Monday, February 2, 2009


is it so hard to keep a blog current?

I get sidetracked a lot. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!!!

So how many of you started doing the P365 and then decided to take a break? I am in awe of those who are disciplined enough to take a photo each and every day for a year. I love taking photos and thought this would be an easy project; but I guess I'm not in that disciplined mode. I really love taking lots of photos for projects; not one a day. Oh well, like Ms. Nevermore said in her Sunday Rambling, I'm not prefect, and if I lapse for a few days, I can start taking photos again.

I know, I have to fix that header so it fits nicely on the page with the new sidebar papers.

Have a happy Groundhog's day!

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Mrs. Miles said...

HA, thats exactly why I did not even try, V. LOL - I know me too well. Some days I even forget to brush my teeth - how sad is that?

Checking in to say hello

♥ Barb