Friday, August 14, 2009

My team didn't win

the BOTCT; but we had a great time using all of Mandy King's (Mama Mia) designs and kits.

And in the news today, there is a designer challenge at Stone Accents Studio which will start on September 1. I have signed up for this challenge; but now I have to take a bunch of photos and extract some images so I can have a few "CU" (commercial use) products to use for the challenge. I'm not sure how to do extractions that are good enough for commercial use; but practice makes perfect, so I'll be practicing a LOT!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

DSA BOTCTs and a contest

DSA's Battle of the CTs is in its last week of challenges. I'll post my layout later.

And here's a fantastic contest from Wendyzine Scraps!
Wendy has some super actions and she's also got some
great templates. But in addition to doing both of those
you also get to just make a comment on the SBG blog
for a chance to win.

So go over to the SBG Blog. Good luck!