Friday, August 14, 2009

My team didn't win

the BOTCT; but we had a great time using all of Mandy King's (Mama Mia) designs and kits.

And in the news today, there is a designer challenge at Stone Accents Studio which will start on September 1. I have signed up for this challenge; but now I have to take a bunch of photos and extract some images so I can have a few "CU" (commercial use) products to use for the challenge. I'm not sure how to do extractions that are good enough for commercial use; but practice makes perfect, so I'll be practicing a LOT!

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Veelana said...

Hello there! I'm having a look around all the SAS-y lady contestants blogs to check out my competition!
I don't think we will have to make CU items, it will just be a round in that we are not allowed to use CU items made by anyone else - and that's why everyone over there is freaking out about taking pictures and extracting and stuff - don't fret about it, If you like the way it looks, I'm sure everyone else will, too!
Feel free to check out my blog, too - I added your blog to my special SAS-y blogroll, I hope that is OK with you :-)